Get out of Your Head

Thinking is good.  If you’ve been born with a complex intellect (haven’t we all?), there is no need to abandon it.  Just temper it sometimes.  All the thinking we are prone to do can get in the way of just living like we’re supposed to do.  Sure, finding our flow can happen inside of our heads, but usually it’s a lot easier (finding our flow) if we can accomplish the feat of not thinking so hard about everything.  We are not in school anymore (a big sigh of relief).  We do not have to get the A, the approval, or the validation.  All we have to focus on now is doing a good job day in and day out so that our children can have a good home life and a good relationship with us and each other.  Perfection is not required (it never was in the first place—we just thought that it was).  Use this to your advantage by thinking less about nitty gritty (that really doesn’t matter a whole lot in this arena anyway unless you haven’t had the great fortune of splitting off from toxic roots) and more about the big picture.  Things don’t have to be so heavy—and it’s up to us to keep things light, enjoyable, and memorable.  So take a big breath and take a break from going down cognitive rabbit holes every other minute.  It’s not on us to split every hair anymore (it never was in the first place—we just thought that it was).

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