Kids Keep You Humble

Why do you think we feel so frustrated a large portion of the time even when we are making strides to build a trusting, loving, kind, and mutually respect-filled relationship with our children (without resorting to ineffective methods often used by our own parents)?  A part of this answer has to do with the fact that we are breaking down (and laying down) our pride as parents.  Not the good kind of pride.  The not-good kind of pride.  The kind that makes a person mean and selfish.  The kind that makes a person hard-hearted and calloused (are those synonyms?).  The kind that keeps a parent from feeling and using empathy as they re-walk the road of childhood with their children.  We must lay down this not-good kind of pride if we want to get anywhere with our personal progress and our progress as child-friendly parents (not that we are necessarily “friends” with our children but that our parenting approach is one that builds up and invests into our children instead of the opposite (tearing them down and taking away from them) or the other way around (requiring our children to build us up and invest into us)—the “building up and investing into” of which most certainly includes being warm and “friendly” with them).

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