Keep the 10-Year Vision of Your Children, Your Marriage, and Your Family in View

Whenever you look into the eyes of your children or your spouse, try to see in your mind what they will look like (not just physically but emotionally, mentally, and spiritually), as well as what you want your relationship with them to look like, 10 years from now.  Yes, it may make you sad because you will realize that nothing lasts forever, even if it is good and wonderful.  But it may also make you deeply grateful for having them in your life and for being able to have the privilege of being with them at this moment in time, when they are yet young.  We all know (don’t we?) that age makes all of us better (or should make us better), but we also know that we will never be able to get back the early years.  They are precious, a fleeting commodity.  So use this 10-years-into-the-future exercise (or, really, stance) to help you cultivate an attitude of gladness in this present moment and to help you approach every day in a manner that reflects a long-term vision for how you want everything to end up and how you would prefer to remember everything.

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