A State of Perpetual Happiness

I have discovered a very important truth about living well:

To be happy/have happiness, we must give happiness to someone else/make someone else happy.

Which means that all parents everywhere are sitting on a treasure mine—they possess the greatest potential to live in a state of perpetual happiness…by giving happiness to their children.

Not with “things” or in terms of how much they spend on them—but based on how generous their hearts are in relation to how much they have and how open their hearts are to pass on a happy attitude—i.e., we give our children the gift of a happy us…even if we have all the reasons and excuses in the world to not be happy.

That because we have them in our lives, we choose to find a way to stay cheerful and positive and uplifting and encouraging and inspirational and motivational.  That our children’s lives are happier because we are in them (their lives) and with them (them!).

That we set the tone and the mood of our family and our home and our day and our relationships with them.

That we are the difference.

(And more specifically/accurately, that God in us is the difference!)

And all of this, of course, translates into how we spend time with and attention on our children—how we show them—in little everyday ways—that we are thinking of them—and how we speak to and treat them gently and with tender kindness—that our love for them shines through—and that our children truly feel our love for them.  Thereby making all the difference in their lives for the better.

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