Sing a Merry Tune

That’s right: sing!  Let yourself sing a merry tune that fills your home with joy and peace.  Play the [seasonal] music all season long and hum it nonstop.  This is the music that puts everyone in bright spirits and happy moods.  What would the holidays be without music?  For all the amateur Christmas concerts and professional productions that are put on during the holiday season, it makes one deduce that music is directly related to the holiday season.  It’s an expression of overflowing emotion, it’s a way to honor our deity, it’s a form of celebration in the highest order.  Music lifts the spirits and lifts our eyes to the heavens.

If you are too downcast to sing or hum or play some music (even the depressing kind), remember that the music does the work for you.  If you are down, play something that is up if you are ready to be more up.  The holidays can have a love-hate effect on some of us, and perhaps this is partly due to our childhood memories in this category.  For the most part, the holidays held happy times and pleasant memories for us.  But maybe there are other parts to the holidays that don’t really jive with love, joy, and peace.  There might have been a lot of anxiety and angst in our home, or there might have been events that happened around the holidays that turned a happy time sour.  Even though these are real things that we really feel, we don’t have to let them overtake our present-day holidays.  We don’t.  It’s easy to—because our memories of Christmases past are so strong and stay with us for so long.  But we don’t have to hang on to or perpetuate the love-hate phenomenon of the holidays anymore.  We are adults now, and we have the capacity to choose our own destiny in this.

Let the holidays be all love and happiness and nothing else.  Because we are in control of our life and family now.  Do not let any outside influence take from you the joy that the holiday season is supposed to bring.  Don’t let yourself be cheated!  Not by the past, not by the present, not by the future, and not by any other person, including yourself.  Sing a song—and move along to the beat of a happy holiday season.

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