Bring the Cheer to You and Yours

Is everyone around you feeling down in the dumps?  Decide now to bring the cheer to them.  The season in all its glory isn’t really going to present itself.  We are the ones that make it come alive in our hearts and our homes.  We don’t have to do anything extravagant—just be genuine.  To have cheer, be cheerful!  It’s really that simple.  Difficult to achieve at times, but still simple.  We can’t rely on others to make us feel cheery or to get us in the mood of the season.  It’s not so much that we are doing for them what they should really be doing for themselves (choosing cheeriness) but more that we are being proactive in our lives instead of passive and reactive.  I don’t want a depressing holiday.  What about you?  If people around you—whether in your family or out in the stores—are bah-humbugging the season, don’t let them get to you.  Have the happy holiday season that you want to have—with or without anyone else’s participation or cooperation.  (Kids are exuberant during the holidays, but sometimes they can turn on a dime and be in a down or grumpy mood for a bit.)

How do you become the cheer that you want to be?  Let it be reflected in your face: smile, laugh, look happy.  Let it be heard in your voice: use a warm and friendly tone, and let the sound of your humming fill your house.  Let it be felt in your touch: hug those you love, touch them gently on the shoulder or back or arm, and do nice things for them.

Think about things that make the season brighter—and do things that help you to live out the dream of a warm and wonderful Christmas.  Rich and steamy hot cocoa?  Cookies baked with love?  Stories by the fire?  Movie nights?  Lively conversation over delightful food?  An inviting atmosphere complete with whole-hearted laughter?  We have the choice to participate in making the holidays what we want them to be—for ourselves and for our family.  We don’t have to go with whatever low emotion is hovering over us for the given day.

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