Celebrate Your Unique Personality As You Celebrate the Holidays

If we all did the same thing and dressed the same way and celebrated the same way, then this world would be very humdrum.  Some of us might prefer humdrum, but it’s not really how things are supposed to be.  Just as there is a variety of birds and flowers, there is a variety of personalities and identity expressions.  This doesn’t mean that we need to be provocative on purpose, but it does mean that we each bear a responsibility to be ourselves.  No one else can live our life for us.  No one else can be us.  So it’s up to us to be the person we are and to express our personhood in ways that are consistent with our character.

As this relates to the holidays, there is no one way to be festive.  The main point is that we celebrate this season in festive style in a way that best celebrates our own unique style and preferences.  Some of us have been playing it low key for too long, thinking that if people knew who we really were, then they wouldn’t like us so much.  Well, now’s the time to change the key, no matter what other people think.  If low key really isn’t you, then find a key that’s a better fit.

I say this because some of us feel the pressure to be polished and all loose-ends-tied during this time when it’s not really that practical.  Some of us could really benefit from being more like our kids (in a fun, happy sort of way!), but we are holding ourselves back because we think that that wouldn’t be very refined.  Did you know that every single one of us used to be a kid?  And that some of us had to grow up before we were really ready to?  Find the kid in you, and celebrate the childhood that you deserved to have as you help your own children celebrate the childhood that they are currently having.  It’s a most perfect healing cycle, and once we get past the initial awkwardness that we may feel for letting down our guard (and the possible pain we may experience for opening up unhealed wounds), it doesn’t hurt at all and will, in fact, feel really good in our heart.  So good, actually, that it will be somewhat of a downer to have to pack everything back up when the Christmas season is done.  (Let’s not dwell on that quite yet—the simple fix for the end of the season is to simply carry the joy and the generosity with us the whole year long so that every day can feel like Christmas if we want it to.)

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