It’s All about Love and Mercy

Christmas is all about love and mercy.  What else would have motivated our God to become a man in a fallen world and die a tortured death just so he could be our Savior in the flesh?  Wasn’t it enough that he was our Redeemer in the big, spiritual sense?  Why get nitty gritty about it and walk the human road, only to be so grossly misunderstood, hated, and unjustly treated along the way?

While none of us is headed for the literal cross as was Jesus, we can take up our figurative crosses and choose to show our families love and mercy at this time of the year when these sorts of things are not only openly accepted and encouraged but also expected.  Some of us resent having the expectation thrust upon us (being the misunderstood homemakers we are)—but instead of going with the bad attitude, let’s see this as an opportunity to also help ourselves while we are helping our family members have a happy holiday.

Instead of fixating on how much time and energy (and money!) the holidays require, we can focus on fulfilling the objective of making our family’s holiday experiences enjoyable and memorable.  If we can just try to get our mind off of ourselves and onto those we wish to lavish love and mercy, we will find that we will enjoy the season more while we’re helping our children and spouse enjoy the season—more than we would have if we had flung our hands up in the air and declared that we didn’t care.

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