Our Happy Ending Starts Now

Be Cheery and Festive Even If You Don’t Feel Like It

Being a scrooge accomplishes nothing.  It’s a selfish way to be (you know, because we’re making everything about us and our feelings).  So decide right now to be cheery and festive during this holiday season even if you don’t feel like it.  This is not equivalent to denying what negative things we may be feeling or thinking.  But it’s really just about, well, turning away from all the negativity that we could take up.  It’s about acknowledging what we may be feeling (especially negatively so) but choosing another feeling and thought pattern to walk in that is more constructive.  We might not ever feel better (maybe not right now, this second), but, at the very least, we can resist giving our time, attention, and energy to destructive cycles.  Dwelling on negative feelings and allowing them to perpetuate and propagate is all feeding in to an unhealthy way of being.  The holidays have a way of breathing life and health and joy into our family and homes and lives, and we can participate in this phenomenon by rejecting the dumpy moods when they start to hover.