Our Happy Ending Starts Now

Don’t See It All As Work: See It All As an Expression of Tender Love and Care As Well As Uncontainable Excitement

‘Tis the season to be a kid again!  If we can keep this mindset front-and-center, it will help us to glide through the holidays with finesse while infusing our family and home with the special warmth and energy that Christmastime is supposed to bring.  We can even do a few cartwheels if we’d like.  There is no limit to how much enthusiasm we get to display.  All the work involved is certainly still work, but we can enjoy the process of moving through all the work if we can learn to see it all not merely as work but as an expression of our tender love and care lavished upon our family at a most special time of year as well as an uncontainable yet very tangible excitement for the God we love and the holiday we are privileged to have with which to celebrate him.