Live As Though

Do you find that you panic when you think about certain things (like having another child or moving cross-country)?  Things that would require a huge undertaking that you just don’t think you’re ready for right now.  We might want these major changes deep down (who doesn’t want a more-the-merrier family or a bigger-better house in a bigger-better town?), but we are also connected to reality and understand what it takes to take on such immense additions to our life responsibilities.  So to generate more gratitude and generosity in our lives (and operate out of these things as well), it helps if we envision that larger-than-us changes were going to happen before they actually do (if they ever do), and to live as though you were getting ready to undergo some sort of major life alteration.  In this way, we will tap into a sweet kind of thankfulness in the present because as of right now, these things aren’t happening (and we feel quite relieved because of that fact!).  Somehow, this gives us a valuable kind of perspective—and we will find that we will be more willing to go the extra mile for our families (and ourselves) right now instead of waiting until fill-in-the-blank happens before we pull out all the stops and live in a way that honors the good life we’ve been given already.

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