Move on

Yes, it’s time.  Move on already.  We can’t stay stuck in the past.  We have a family and home to tend to.  Our kids need us now.  No matter what we are still trying to work through from our own childhoods, at some point we just need to put it all down and move on to this present place in time.  It doesn’t really do much good to continue to go over and over things that have already happened.  The best way we can make peace with the past, especially as it relates to our own growing up years, is to give our children the best, strongest, and happiest childhood that we can.  We will never be perfect—but that’s not the goal anyway.  We can make progress, and we can keep trying.  We can keep caring, and we can keep going.  There’s more out there for us beyond what used to define us.  But in order to get there, we have to move on.

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