Do One Thing at a Time

That’s right.  One thing and one thing only.  Multi-tasking is a thing of our before-children past.  This sounds counter-intuitive (and it most certainly is), but if you are at this point—where you have lost yourself in the sea of keeping everyone else afloat—then you do need to focus on only one thing at a time.  At least for now.  Be completely present as you do each task.  And as you are interrupted again and again.  And as you pick up where you left off.  And as you move from one task to another.  Be there, in full mind and body.  Resist trying to do a million things at once.  Nothing will get done faster.  Not right now.  Right now, we just need to regain our sense of purpose and intent.  We need to feel this moment, and we need to know that this thing, right-here-right-now, is important because we have chosen to do it.

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