This Is a Spiritual Transformation, and It Will Happen If You Let It

Why does this process have to be so hard?  Because it is a spiritual transformation.  We are being changed from the inside out.  Having children changes us for the better, and if we consciously participate in the betterment process, then we have the valuable opportunity to become all that we are meant to be because of having brought life into this world.  We can choose to fight it, of course, this pressure to improve.  There are unpleasant moments and stages in parenthood that no one really wants to experience for too long, if at all.  But these are the times when we grow the most.  When we yield to the pain/struggle (while enduring the discomfort with the best of perspectives), we are allowing ourselves to be transformed by the very hardship itself.  (Because, yes, raising kids is hard and so is the path of self-improvement.)

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