Take Yourself Less Seriously and More Humorously

Not everything has to be do-or-die.  And you don’t have to pattern yourself after any particular person in order to be considered an adult-parent.  You can address misbehavior without being mean and serious about it, for example.  You can be funny about it and even a little bit silly.  You can parent in such a way that the unpleasant confrontations and annoying redirections that need to happen aren’t so unpleasant or annoying.  The main thing is that we address misbehavior as well as actions and words that are unsafe and unhealthy.  How we address it all is completely up to us.  So why not inject a little humor into our daily parenting?  It helps us to detach from our negative emotions that tend to snowball if we take (and do) everything seriously and weight-fully.  Parenting our children well is serious and weighty, but a huge part of the trick is to carry out the role while putting/keeping a smile on everyone’s face (including our own).  This way, when something does warrant grave seriousness, the difference will be felt and known.  And we’ll be taken more seriously more quickly.  (Remember the boy who cried wolf?  We don’t want to be the parent version of him, always making an issue out of everything until an actual issue comes along only to find out that our children have stopped listening to us.)

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