Focus on Being the Way YOU Want to Be

Focus on being the way you want to be.  Repeat these words to yourself when you are under pressure.  Remind yourself that you do not have to go with the winds of whatever is outside of you.  You can stay calm and cool and collected even in the midst of heavy stress.  Even when the old you would have lost it by now.  Stay focused.  Be the way you want to be.  Let nothing and no one bring you down to your former level.  Our children give us the greatest opportunity to put our patience and perseverance into practice.  Take advantage of the moments that come our way (often unexpectedly) when the deluge of noise, mess, and chaos would have us lose our footing.  Stay anchored.  Stay peaceful.  Wait it out.  It will leave as quickly as it came.  And then you can be proud of yourself for being the way you wanted to be instead of allowing external forces to sway you away from your goals of self-improvement.

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