To Overcome Our Emotional Stumbling Blocks, the Extent to Which We Feel Frustration Is the Extent to Which We Show Kindness and Generosity

Try it—when frustration comes, overcome it by choosing to show kindness and generosity anyway.  And to the extent that you feel the frustration.  Goodness is the antidote to all things related to anger.  The sooner you can recognize irritation and frustration (and thereby ward off full-blown anger), the sooner you’ll be able to blast it out of your system by doing things for others.  Our “doing” is not to earn love, remember, but it is to give love.  It is to make someone else’s life better because we were a part of it.  As parents, we have the greatest opportunity to deal effectively with all the annoyances that we encounter (and there are many!) because we have the most readily-available “others” to which to show kindness and generosity to: our family!  Our children and our spouse/co-parent get to be the primary benefactors of the goodness that has been growing in us.  By sharing it with them, we are helping ourselves to stay healthy on the inside (which transfers to the outside) so that we aren’t perpetually focusing on the negative but on the positive.

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