Let the Outside Reflect the Inside

It’s time to let it all shine through.  There has been great healing within us—where once it would have been foolishness for us to be parents, now we are growing into the role as though we were made for it (because we all have been made for it).  We can let the outside reflect the inside—we can let our smiling be indicative of the happiness we truly feel and the joy we genuinely possess.  We can let our healthiness glow about us because we are, in fact, the healthiest that we have ever been.  Just because old habits die hard (gloominess and grumpiness, for example, can be quite the comforting companions) doesn’t mean that they don’t ever die.  And just because we haven’t always been used to being so carefree and lighthearted doesn’t mean that we can’t ever be those things in actuality and with consistency.  We can feel it—we are growing and becoming more and more who we are and want to be.  As the good and loving parents we are and want to continue to be, we can embrace this new identity of ours and allow ourselves to look and sound the part at last.

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