Keep on Doing Good

Similar to physical and financial health, there are certain emotional healthy habits to adopt that are just plain good for us.  So as it’s important to eat a balanced diet and stay active (and make, spend, and save money wisely), it’s important to continue doing good and to keep toxic emotions out of our hearts like worry, un-forgiveness, bitterness, resentment, and jealousy.  When our hearts are at peace, life is better for us and those around us.  Continuing to do good is the best prevention to many of life’s pitfalls like over-criticalness/cynicism, loneliness/depression, and procrastination/laziness.  As parents, it’s all the more important that we stay away from cultivating an environment of these sorts of negative things and instead focus our efforts on cultivating an environment of practical excellence/optimism, connectedness/joy, and meaningful productivity.  Our children will become better people for having grown up in an atmosphere of genuine generosity, unconditional love and acceptance, and purpose.

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