How to Want Everything and Yet Nothing So That We Are Neither Hopelessly Unmotivated/Stagnated/Listless nor Perpetually Unhappy/Disappointed/Frustrated

The remedy for being unmotivated, stagnated, and listless in life is to have goals and to work towards those goals.  We need to want something.  We need to desire something enough that we make it our mission to have it.  Whatever it is.   Hopefully for good purposes (because wanting something for hurtful/unhelpful/unhealthy purposes is pointless).

And the remedy for perpetual unhappiness, disappointment, and frustration is to want nothing—to be content as-is, where-is.  To be able to let go of the things we don’t yet have and to surrender our needs that aren’t yet met—without giving up hope in life or the direction or determination that we need to continue to wake up and get up every day.

But how do we do both at the same time?  How do we want both everything and nothing?

By simply wanting both everything and nothing.

This seems like a paradox, but it’s not.  It’s the very point we need to come to if we are ready to be ever hopeful and happy—always and genuinely so.  To neither cling too tightly to the comfort of un-change nor to cling too tightly to our right to pursue our own happiness.  To want positive change and be willing to change to experience that change—and also to want nothing more than what we already have and to be willing to deny ourselves any other beneficial thing so that others (like our children and spouse) can be more fully benefitted and to more fully thrive while we are yet working towards thriving where we already are.

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