We Will Not Abandon This Post

This assignment (parenting our children in ways that are conducive to their growth and flourishment all the while remaining good and loving/supportive spouses/co-parents) is tough, as we know well, but we will not abandon this post no matter what difficulties may come our way.

We may get tired, and we may need a break or a change of some sort, but we will not abandon this post no matter how much we are drained or how much we think we might possibly long for something different.

We will not always be approved of (aren’t stay-at-home mommies, for example, supposed to do “more” than “just” be mothers and wives and home-tenders in order to fulfill their purpose as individual people and intelligent human beings?) or applauded (there is possibly more jealousy/ambition and competition in parenthood than in beauty pageants/professional music and athletics, for example), but, still, we will not abandon this post no matter how lonely it becomes or how misunderstood we remain.

For we know that our children need us, specifically.  And that our spouses depend on us, personally.  This is not our weakness—but their strength.  And it is because of this perspective we hold that we are able to do what we do day after day, with love in our heart and joy in our step.  We are at peace with ourselves and our lives and our God and our family.  We are who we are, and we embrace every bit of the privilege we have of bringing children into this world and caring well for them.  May all who read these words find the comfort that they need to keep going and the contentment that they need to stay the course.  There is no greater calling than doing this.

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