Thoughts to Think: Attitudes and Philosophical Stances to Cultivate on the Journey of Child-Friendly Parenting

The winning of any battle starts and ends in our mind.  So to win this fight of child-friendly parenting (because often it feels like there is a war within us: do we fall back on how we’ve been parented with everything regardless of whether or not it’s actually good for kids, or do we choose a better way forward—for ourselves and our children?), it helps to cultivate the kind of thinking that allows for growth.

Our attitudes and philosophical stances determine in profound ways whether we rise or fall with anything in life, and with parenting it’s all the more imperative that we select lines of thought that lead us to become more positive, uplifting, and focused.

This helps prevent us from becoming overly negative (This parenting life is tough!  Negativity is an easy go-to comforter for our wounds, but it doesn’t really make anything better, only worse), critical (The world of parenting is full of things that are not the way we would prefer them to be.  Being critical about all of those things may make us feel better in the moment, but it is hardly constructive if we’re serious about building something strong and good within our family.), and erratic/destructive/self-sabotaging (We need an anchor as we weave our way through the land of parenthood.  If we care not to find our anchor, then we will instead find that erraticism, destructiveness, and self-sabotage grow like weeds.  We cannot let this happen if we wish to be everything we were meant to be for our children.).

These entries are droplets of encouragement for you as you proceed to face each day of your parenting adventure.  You can read one each day or as many at a time as you would like.  Here’s to us and the journey we are on to stay strong and to grow in the way of child-friendly parenting.

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