Let Yourself Individuate

It should have happened when we were younger—like as children.  But it really didn’t.  We never really got a chance to individuate—to develop into our own person.  Yes, we may have many interests and talents and things we like to have and to do.  But if we are still Siamese-ing it with our parents or our friends or someone we were in a relationship with or wanted to be in a relationship with, then it’s time to tear ourselves off of that over-attachment we may still have with them.  As if we were tearing apart paper board that had pre-marked (serrated) lines in it.  It’s kind of like that.  Rip yourself off already.  Become your own person.  It matters not at all what other people think of you or whether they like you.  Let go of that fear of rejection (though I know it hurts a lot).  Your blossoming will come as you grow in peace and strife-free living.  Besides ourselves, our children and our spouse will be the main benefactors of our growing into ourselves—and becoming more and more like who we were created to be (which has less to do with what we are doing and more to do with how we are being).

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