On Being and Becoming: It’s Intentional, and It Requires Deliberate Participation in the Transformational Process

This is the reason why it’s so hard to walk this road.  Because it requires work from us.  Real work.  Blood, sweat, tears, and perhaps a lot of bodily fluids if it involves working with babies and children.  But just because “this is hard,” it is no excuse for us not to continue to participate in it.  Have you noticed in life that the things that are worth it require some sort of investment?  Time, money, work, waiting.  Vulnerability.  Giving up of pride.  Extending an open heart.  Being willing to make a change of some sort.  Yeah, we could coast through this life, but we wouldn’t get much for having done so.  (And it’s not really about “getting” anything per se—but about return on investment, about harvesting what you have sown, about choosing the wise way of doing things.)  Incidentally, all of these things do involve “getting” something, but the real prize isn’t anything that can be held in our hands or bought with our money.  It’s about growing strong relationships with our family and our own selves and our own God.  The literal stuff that comes with wise living is all bonus.  It’s not the main thing.  If we can keep that in mind, then it doesn’t matter how much or how little we have.  We already have everything we need.  Being and become all that we are means that we will need to give deliberate participation in this wonderful and miraculous transformational process.

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