Stop Sabotaging the Weekends

You do good all week, and then the weekend comes and you slink back into whatever it is that you’ve been trying to shake all these years.  (The heavy, dark moods; the debilitating depression; the unshakable anxiety; the uncontrollable overwhelmingness, and the gripping frustration, for example) Why?  A simple answer: you can’t let yourself be happy.  You can’t let yourself enjoy yourself on the weekends—especially when the day is set up to be so enjoyable—like when there’s really nothing going on.  You feel lazy/irresponsible for not being productive.  You feel guilty for having such a good day in your grasp.  Well, start letting yourself enjoy the weekends.  It’s called resting.  Recuperating.  Stop sabotaging the weekends so that you can actually have a string of good days and good weeks and good months and good years.  Let go of the pressure you feel to always be working and doing things.  It doesn’t have to be that way.

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