Don’t Miss the Simple Stuff

Like friendliness and all-around good-natured-ness and a splash of humor.  We are already the type of people who work ourselves to the bone being “of service” to our family (even when we don’t feel like it!)—what we don’t need to worry about is doing any more hard stuff.  We are already cooking the meals from scratch and waking up at night (with the kids) and at dawn (to start the day).  We have already taken upon ourselves the holy burden of caring well for our family and homes.  What we need to remember now is to keep in the mix the very simple stuff that other parents (who may not have much of an inclination to do very much work-work when it comes to parenting) do quite naturally—be happy, funny, playful.  Of course these things are, like, the last things on our list after we’ve done everything else that we do to be the type of parents (and spouses and people) that we are, but they still need to be on the list.  And if we can somehow get them (the qualities of happiness, funniness, and playfulness) to rise in priority on our list of what’s important in our relationship with our children and our spouse, then we will find that all of this actually becomes easier.  Yes, easier.  We are working against ourselves when we leave out simple things like smiling, laughing, and recreation.  It’s in these things that we find the strength and energy and will power to do all the other things we need to do (and put on ourselves).

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