All the Cooking

As a stay-at-home mom, wife, and woman, one of the greatest compliments to my livelihood is to receive compliments on my cooking.  It’s a deep fulfillment to me that my family likes my cooking and says so.  And that all of the time and effort I have put into cooking (and becoming good at it) has paid off.  If you are not yet to the point where you enjoy cooking and/or where the food you make tastes good to everyone who partakes of it, please don’t let your heart fade.  It’s okay to not really be in to cooking and, therefore, to find other ways to feed your family (take-out is delightful as is all the not-from-scratch food we can make), but I’m telling you that if you just stick with it, you will learn to not only like cooking but that you will relish it (no pun intended!) and you will become skilled at it and, resultingly, everyone in your household will adore your cooking.  It may take time (for me, it has taken many, many years of trying and trying again) to get to the point where it’s relatively effortless and filled with bliss (the food, which to make and to eat), but it will happen nonetheless.  If you want it, you can have it.

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