Do What You Can to Get Your Quiet Time

Whatever you want to call it—quiet time, me time, re-charge time, alone time—it’s important that we try to make room for it in our day as much as possible.  We all know that sometimes it’s not possible.  And I’m not talking about these kind of days.  But I am talking about creating and maintaining a general life-habit of carving out a bit of time—maybe in the morning?—to be in the quietness of solitude.  I like to use this time to pray, read, and write, but regardless of the activity we are engaged in, the point is that we are making an effort to dis-engage from the wildness and craziness that team up to overtake our life most days.  The peace of silence helps to balance out the chaos of noisiness—plus, we are better able to carry this peace into the rest of our day if we’ve had a chance to sit with it ourselves for a while.

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