Treat Your Body Right

     It may seem trivial, but the way we treat our body has an effect on how we feel.  And as elemental as exercising and eating well may be, they are still important to remember to incorporate into our overall lifestyle-approach to living effectively (which also helps us to parent effectively).  There is a period of time when our children are babies and young toddlers when we really are too dog-tired to do anything else other than the basic survival things each day.  Exercising and eating well just don’t rank during this window (but certainly they would benefit us all the more if we had the capacity to care and to do these things during this time).  But there does come a time when it’s like our life opens up as the heavens might after a dark storm—and we find ourselves with pockets of time and moments of joy and desire and it’s now when it makes the most sense to re-incorporate an exercise routine and a healthful eating plan into our lives.  If we do all of this too soon, we risk burning out and throwing in the entire towel because it may feel way too hard to keep it all going consistently.  We are going for life with this, so I have found that it’s advantageous to “get serious” about taking good care of our bodies when we aren’t so overwhelmed with the daily tasks of baby-care.  The time will come when we really will have the capacity to care and to do again, and this is our cue to get on board with it once again.

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