Breathe When You Feel Your Heart and Mind Start to Race

Relief is only a breath away.  We must remember to breathe whenever we begin to feel overwhelmed—and even before we are at the point of feeling overwhelmed.  Breathe in peace; breathe out the anxiety.  Sometimes our heart and mind can race before we have a chance to do anything about it.  Still, as soon as we are aware that there is racing going on inside of us, stopping to breathe through it will help us slow down the speeding train and will get us back to a place of rest.  Everything is going to be okay!  If we allow ourselves to get and stay out of control, though, it’s difficult to see that everything is going to be okay and it’s difficult to work with the process of getting everything to be okay.  Breathe!  Let the breath in your lungs slow you down so that you can see clearly the road before you.

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