Give a Cheery Good Morning and a Warm Good Night

It’s the little things that add up.  And the good morning greeting and goodnight adieu are the little things that snowball to create a welcoming and warm environment in our home.  In the morning, even if we are doing other things, make a solid effort to break from whatever it is that we are doing to say good morning in as cheery a voice as is possible to our children when they show themselves.  Give them a hug and a smile and maybe ask a few questions.  “Did you sleep well?”  “Did you have sweet dreams?”  (See how these questions only require a simple “yes” in response?)  At night, make a point to say good night and give hugs and kisses and say nice things like “I love you!” and “Have sweet dreams!” and “I’ll see you in the morning!”  This is separate from any nighttime routines that may already be in place (e.g., brushing teeth, reading stories, recalling favorite things from the day).  It feels good (to us and to our children!) to acknowledge that the day is done (or has just begun, as in the morning) and to mark our place in time together with them.  Kind of like bookending the day with loving gestures.  It might seem trivial (or beneath us), but these are the kinds of things that speak to our kids, so why would we reject these simple but effective ways to help our children feel good?   

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