Whisper (or Sing!) Your Requests

That’s right.  Get up close—and in a friendly voice, whisper (or sing!) your requests to your children.  This method stands a greater chance of being received well (and being responded to favorably) than to shout our requests or to use a jarring tone with a full voice.  It (whispering and/or singing) also keeps in check any frustration we may be feeling for having to repeat ourselves or for having to make obvious requests that we might not think we should have to make (e.g., socks in the hamper, dishes to the counter, trash in the trashcan, toys put away when finished with them).  We might be stay-at-home parents, but that doesn’t mean that we do everything for our children that they are more than capable of doing.  Cleaning up after oneself and taking responsibility for one’s person and things are important life skills that our children will only learn if we expect these things of them.  And we can do this in a friendly, non-confrontational way.  We can garner their cooperation just by adjusting how we approach our children.  And using a friendly (even sing-songy) voice is a good start.  Whispering and singing are variations on a theme and help us to have choices in how we engage with our children instead of resorting to the gruff ordering and the yelling that is certainly quick and [seemingly] effective but that is not exactly high on the list of positive-relationship-building tactics.

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