Let Love Be First

This entry is more philosophical in nature, but it leads the way in our efforts to choose child-friendly approaches in parenting.  It guides our steps, love does.  If love is first, then we’ve got the rest.  We’ll never be able to do it backwards—grow a strong, healthy family without love at the helm.  Think about what a family and home would be like without the warmth of love and care at the center of it.  Who would ever enjoy living in a cold, heartless place where each member of the family isn’t properly personhood-respected and feels it so?  All the money in the world can’t buy the kind of love a family and home need.  That’s up to us to grow.  It starts in our hearts and spreads to our children and our spouse through the words we speak and the hugs we give and the smiles we share and the way we listen and the things we do and the sound of our joy and the feel of our peace.  Whether we’re short on cents or have more than enough, nothing can replace the love that springs from our hearts as the devoted and caring parent we seek to be.  There is no substitute for a free, healthy love that only we can give.  We are our children’s parent!  If not us then who?  Yes, it absolutely takes a village to raise a child, but let this fact not keep us from answering the call—our privilege—to love our children well.

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