Our Happy Ending Starts Now

We’ve Broken through Already! It’s Okay to Act Like It!

If you are used to being held responsible for other people’s feelings, then it is a foreign concept that we can be happy simply because we want to.  But this is the truth.  Once we grasp this, even loosely, then we have broken through.  And once we’ve broken through, it’s okay to act like it.  We don’t have to hide our happiness on account of someone else’s unhappiness.  Yes, if someone else is grieving, we grieve with them.  If someone else is celebrating, we celebrate with them.  This is called empathy (a.k.a. basic decency, considerate-ness, or thinking-of-others)—which is still lost on some people.  But what I’m trying to get at is not that.  What I’m trying to get at is our right to feel what we want to feel.  And I don’t know about you, but for me, I just got to the point (at different times of my life, at different advancing stages of breaking through) where I was so tired of being so sad and depressed and down and anxious all the time—even when I didn’t want to feel that way.  If this is our experience, then we have to ask, “Why is that?” and then do what we must to alter things in our favor.  It makes no sense to keep carrying around the unhappiness with us while hoping for a different result.  So if you’ve broken through, a) congratulations and b) you’re allowed to act like it (i.e., put down the unhappiness once and for all and pick up your will to be however you want to be for the good of yourself and others).