Our Happy Ending Starts Now

Remind yourself: “I’m allowed to be human.”

If you are still struggling about how you lost it yesterday or about how down you were today or about how tired you are or about how disappointing it is to not have adequate time for your personal projects, then try to remind yourself of this very important point: We are allowed to be human.  And what that means is that in no world anywhere are we expected to cease being human with all of our limitations and frailties and become an emotionless, un-living, non-responsive shell of a person.  Even though we are working towards betterment, we are still human and we will always be human.  We need to be human lest we fall into the trap of being perpetually scripted and robotic.

So instead of perseverating on our shortcomings (and there will be many more to come on account of being alive in this life), what we can do is to try our best to pry ourselves off of the ground from where we landed when we tripped up.  Start again.  We get as many do-overs as we need.  There is no rush.  Being “first” is irrelevant now.  What matters is that we finish.  And as long as we have breath in our lungs, we are not done yet and, to effect, are allowed to be human.