Remember: “In truth, I CAN’T do everything.”

We do try, that is true.  We try to do everything.  We want to do everything.  We hope to do everything.  But in truth, we simply can’t do everything.  The sooner we accept this, the better our lives will be for us.  The gnawing in our gut will stop once we accept that it is not physically possible for us to do everything.  And so, as we prioritize our time and our energy and our attention, we can begin to settle in to a reasonable second preference.  That of doing what we can.  Which is not the same thing as working ourselves to the bone to fit all into the space of a single day.  Doing what we can is not about squeezing every bit of life and energy and productivity into the smallest possible measurement of passing time.  It’s just about staying reasonably active and useful.  It’s about working and resting and repeating.  It’s about not getting caught in the trap of either extreme—that of being driven by the attempt to do everything (which we can’t) or that of being driven by the attempt to make up for not being able to do everything.  Resist both extremes and go for the middle—where we simply do what we reasonably can and where we let go of everything else.

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