Remember Who You Are and Who You Are Becoming

Being a parent can scramble the identity lines a bit, especially when our children are young.  We may slip a little too far down into the care-giving role that parenting involves and then one day be like, “Who am I?”  As time and space permit, we can re-acquaint ourselves with ourselves by doing things that we like doing that have nothing to do with babies or children or pets or our house.  We can take deliberate breaks where we intentionally relax.  And we can revisit our goals for ourselves and our lives as we pass through the years.  One day, our children will not need us to take care of them anymore, and then what?  Will we whither up because there’s nothing else left of us?  Will we become overbearing because we are unable to let our children go?  Or will we turn to the other sides of us and develop the parts that we weren’t able to nurture that well while we were busy nurturing our children and growing our family?  As we remember who we are and who we are becoming, we can stay in touch with our own selves as we move through our life stages.  And by staying true to our true selves, we keep health and happiness all the more accessible to us even as we give so much of ourselves to the health and happiness of our family.

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