When You Feel Happy, Let the Feeling Propagate

We already know that we aren’t that good at feeling the negative feelings.  We learned a long time ago how to function around not having the freedom to put said negative feelings on display—by simply not feeling them.  As we learn more and more how to let ourselves feel and then deal with negative feelings, we find that we aren’t so good at feeling the positive feelings either.  I know, this makes absolutely no sense.  Haven’t we always been the happy ones?  We sure know how to smile and be nice and make other people feel good.  This is our gift.  Our resilience.  We learned how to turn it all around and make our deficiencies work for us instead of against us.  But in the process, it’s kind of all become an act—we sure look happy, but we most certainly don’t feel happy.  Big difference!  And so where we are now on this learning continuum is that when we feel happy, we keep it sort of contained.  It’s time to let the good feelings propagate.  Let them multiply and spread and fill your heart as well as the room you are occupying.  When we are happy, our children are happy and our homes are happy.  It’s worth whatever growing pains we need to go through to get to that place where we can simply be happy because we are happy.

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