Our Happy Ending Starts Now

Learn to Make-Do

It’s a skill that will carry us through anything: learning to make-do.  Whether our felt need is emotional or financial or intellectual or social or professional, the sooner we learn to make-do with what we already have, the better off we will be in the long run.  We don’t have to despair just because we don’t have everything we think we need and want right now.  We don’t have to get depressed just because things don’t look the way we see them in our mind.  And we don’t have to get mad just because we aren’t quite where we know we’re supposed to be in life.  This is called a journey.  We don’t make significant progress in one day or one year.  It’s over time that we make noticeable and significant gains—if we will stay consistent.  So making-do is how we get by for now, how we manage, how we hang in there, how we adjust to all the little things that aren’t exactly the way we would prefer them.  It’s what holds us over temporarily.  And if temporarily ends up lasting our entire lifetime, then so be it.  This present life is only a stop-off before our final destination anyway, so all is not lost if we never get or achieve or arrive at whatever it is that we are hoping for in this life.  Making-do keeps the long view in sight.