Go Dark for a Bit If You Need to, but Return As Quickly As You Can

Some days are really tough!  There’s no way around it, sometimes.  So if you find yourself in a day that you can’t seem to shift into better lighting, then allow yourself to go dark for a bit.  Burrow as needed—but return as quickly as you can so that you continue to establish the kind of habits you would like to grow more of.  If you stay dark without any effort to come back, then where is the footpath for next time?  And the next time?  The habit you are setting is that of staying dark—and we want to grow the habit of bouncing back.  So if you need to lie low, do so.  But don’t let yourself stay that way.  Like a lot of other things, it may seem like it helps you now, but it’s really making things worse (to stay in the dark metaphorically instead of temporarily staying dark).  Help yourself by helping yourself!  Bounce back as soon as you have the footing (or the hint of footing) to step back into lighted life.

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