Enter In

It takes effort to live and flow in the present.  We aren’t used to it.  For much of our lives, we’ve lived in either the future (the place we were striving for) or the past (the place we were trying to forget because of negative experiences or go back to because it was simply familiar).  This living-in-the-present requires that we enter in to it.  That we consciously and deliberately step foot into it.  That we take a full breath before we speak and that we take a moment before responding and that we see ourselves here, not somewhere out there.  That we feel what we feel and what we want to feel.  That we allow ourselves to enjoy and benefit from all of the things that we’ve worked so hard for and get to be benefactors of.  That we let ourselves be enveloped by where we are now.  So let’s do it.  Enter in already.

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