Keep Your Emotional Coils Unwound

We’re getting good now at recognizing when our emotional coils are starting to wind tight within us.  This is such an improvement from where we used to be.  It used to be a real challenge to even be aware that we were feeling tense, let alone beginning to feel tense.  So now that we are here and can sense when we are starting to get tightly wound, take full advantage of the new sensory skills.  Put to use all of the relaxation techniques you’ve been working on.  Breathe (deeply).  Consciously relax your tense muscles (we are able to scan our bodies for the tension now—so do it!).  Let go of whatever it is that is causing you to feel tense, wound up, irritated, frustrated, anxious, or on-edge.  Release it from your body.  Carry it no more.  Yes, our kids will still be kids, and we will still hear them in the background (or foreground, wherever they are!).  But we are now growing up.  We now have the capacity to separate from their noise and mess and step into our calm and confidence.  We can be however we want to be and not be helplessly thrown about by the day’s twists and turns (like the sound of our children being the children that they are).

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