Learn to Make-Do II

Part of the joy of being where we are right now in our personal development is being able to let go of not having everything just the way we want it.  We were perfectionists before we became parents, remember, and once a perfectionist, always a tendency to continue to be a perfectionist.  The good news is that we don’t have to continue to cling to the notion that we can’t be happy unless everything is exactly the way we would prefer it to be.  That’s just not how life is (unfortunately!).  So once we allow ourselves to let ourselves off of the hook for not being able to make or manufacture or manipulate things to be as we want them to be (even as they perhaps ought to be), we find that we can just relax into our life and not be so uptight and on edge and disappointed and frustrated so often.  We can just be.  And it’s a whole lot easier to enjoy our life when we accept that some things turn out the way we want them to, and some things don’t.  And while we have control over our choices, even the ability to make choices can’t always steer our life exactly the way we desire.  (I feel that I am echoing what Luke was talking about on Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life when he was answering Lorelai’s question about whether he wanted to have children of his own.)  In truth, learning to make-do with the hand we’ve been dealt is one of the greatest freedoms we can grow into because it’s in the making-do where we learn that we don’t have to have everything just so.

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