Just Roll with It

The further we go with this thing (parenthood), the more we realize that rolling with it is the only approach that is feasible.  We know how to do this—the hitch comes because it (rolling with things) makes us very uncomfortable.  We prefer for things to be laid out, planned out, executed as imagined, clean-edged, and painless.  We could easily interpret the privilege of parenting as a cruel joke played upon those like us to remind us that we can’t control everything—no matter how much we may want to or need to.  The best thing we can do for ourselves during this uncomfortable time of letting go is to indeed let go of all the control mechanisms we have put in place.  This doesn’t mean (of course) that we cease to care about safety, cleanliness, order, or goodness.  It just means that we loosen the reigns ever so slightly so that we can breathe in the midst of all the beautiful chaos that there is to enjoy during our children’s childhoods.

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