A Little Bit of Patience Goes a Very Long Way

Seriously, just wait three seconds longer.  If you’re about to give your kids what for, or if you feel that you’re about to over-react to something not worth the energy (just like your mom and/or dad used to do), then do everything in your power to just wait three seconds.  The wave passes a lot of time in that little bit of time.  Sure, we may think that our kids deserve to be unloaded on (especially when they are out of the little-kid phase and into the school-age phase in all its glory), but, in truth, nobody does.  Nobody deserves to be unloaded on.  Just handle it.  You’re the parent.  Act like the wise, experienced, anchored person that you are.  Mastering this parenting thing is a life-long endeavor, but what we will find if we will keep at it is that it doesn’t take very much in order for us to make measureable progress in it.  We have to apply ourselves.  We have to apply the knowledge that we already have.  Do the patience thing.  It can be very, very hard, yes.  But the more we do it, the better we get at it.  Do not give up on yourself!

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