Do Things That Make Your Life Easier

I couldn’t believe how much easier my life was when I started using a bookmark to keep track of where my children were in their coloring books.  When they were real little, like one and two years old before they were ready to learn how to write, I liked to have them color (well, scribble) in coloring books so that they would get comfortable creating something with a writing utensil (usually a washable marker).  Because I like order, I would usually just start at the beginning of the coloring book and work our way through it, page by page.  Whenever they wanted to color, I would pull out the book and have them pick up where they left off until they were tired of coloring.  And then I would put the book away until another day.  For the longest time, I would just close the book and put it back and not mark where we were.  So the next time we would pick it up, I would have to flip through the coloring book to find the last page that was colored in so that I would know which page to start on for the next round of coloring.  This was not a big deal, and I didn’t mind flipping through the book, but one day it just dawned on me to use a bookmark to keep track of where we were so that I wouldn’t have to flip through it.  It made my life just a little bit easier—and it made me happier because of it.  I use this framework for my life as a whole: if it makes my life easier, then I do it.  Why make more work for ourselves when we really don’t have to?

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