Let Yourself Be Funny

I went through a period of my life when I lost all of my joy.  Like all of it.  I didn’t realize that I had until I realized that I had.  It was after my first child was born, and one day, I thought to myself that I hadn’t smiled in a very long time.  I liked taking care of my baby, and I enjoyed my new life at home—prior to that I had taught English in a high school.  As a teacher, I kept a fairly straight face, but I was known for my dry humor.  I used my humor to get me through the day and to get the students on my side.  I had to learn how to enjoy my teaching life—but I never felt as though it had been ages since I had smiled.  After I had been staying home for about six months with my first child, I think I had become so rote in all of the things you have to do with a newborn that I just forgot that joy and happiness and humor are very important pieces to a life well lived.  It’s been seven years now since I’ve stayed home, and I can say that in the last year, I have seen how far a little humor can go.  It’s easier to get through the day (just like in teaching), and it’s easier to get my kids on my side (just like in teaching).  [It’s also easier to stay on the same page as my husband, if you know what I mean.]

We are funny people.  Our humor is what makes us us.  So it’s important to let ourselves be funny—even during the tough seasons that we may find ourselves in.  The funny is what carries us through.

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