Ride out the Wave of Whatever Is Difficult

We sometimes forget that things—the difficult moments—come and go like the tide.  It’s not an infinite wall.  There are breaks.  There are moments of relief.  If we are tuning in to the rhythm of what we’re up against, we can learn to feel when and how to ride the wave of whatever is difficult for us instead of being drowned by it.  When it comes to our kids, it can be a meltdown that they are having (if you have a two- or a three-year-old, then that is saying enough) or an attitude they are having (thank you school peers) or a streak of blazing independence they are having (preschoolers know this well) that can present a challenge to us as we are trying to parent them with empathy, kindness, patience, and goodness.  It helps us to remember that whatever it is that we are facing with our kids, it’s not a forever thing unless we perpetuate it with our own childish ways.  If we can learn how to be (and then actually be) the grown-up in the room, then we will find that our children will grow out of their funk faster than we can blink.  Riding the wave of these things is one simple way that we can demonstrate our grown up grown-up skills.  It’s when we allow ourselves to get pulled down and pulled under that we lose our anchor, our perspective, our wise love that carries us through many a challenging time.

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