Focus Your Time and Attention on Getting Things Done That Need to Get Done

It’s easy to get distracted, to get pulled away from what is most important.  With multiple kids running around, sometimes we may find ourselves escaping the madness by reverting to old habits like meaningless attention to detail, mindless going through of the motions, fruitless activity, daydreaming, and other forms of preoccupation.  What this means, then, from the perspective of child-friendly parenting is that we may not be intervening properly when we need to be (avoidance is not a strategy), we may not be handling our situations or our own emotions properly (denial does not fix things), and we may not be helping ourselves get to the next level of our output at this stage in our life—all of these things contribute to the confidence we are trying to build as we relate well to our children and do a good job at this parenting thing.  Resist the temptation to flee (even if only in our mind).  We need to stand our ground and do the things that need getting done.  If we leave things for tomorrow because today is too difficult, then we are putting ourselves more and more behind, and this most certainly will keep us overwhelmed and feeling like our lives are out of control.  For as much as we really can’t control with our kids, we can control how we spend our time and where we put our attention.

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