Continue to Grow in Self-Nurturing

We’ve been getting good at this, the self-nurturing thing.  The healthier we are as a person, the better we are as a parent and as a marriage partner.  What is important now is to continue in the way of self-nurturing.  To keep growing in this area.  There are still ways that we participate in self-sabotage (though it’s not as obvious now).  So let us keep our eyes open and to cease the self-sabotaging, even on the small scale.

As with music, athletics, and academics, there are always new levels to reach, no matter how advanced you become.  So let’s not get complacent with our awesome life and think that there’s nothing left for us to work on or to put our mind to—let’s keep our life growing, keep it moving, keep it evolving.  We’re still going to mess up (it’s part of being human).  So we can get better at anticipating these times and we can get better at dealing in the moment during these times and we can get better at mending the mistake after these times.

It’s all too easy to excuse away our slip ups now that we generally feel good about ourselves and our lives.  It’s good that we aren’t so down on ourselves over every little thing, but it’s also good that we retain a tender heart and an empathetic soul so that we can keep our relationships strong and healthy even when we still have times when a conflict or a situation is our fault.  And even when things are not our fault, we can still extend a spirit of good-will and generosity so that it makes it easier for other people to accept responsibility for their selves.

Our children are always going to be our children, and they will always need us to show them the way somehow, no matter how independent they may become.  And our spouse is always going to be our spouse, and they will always need us to be there for them and to make everything better for them, no matter how much it seems like they don’t.  We know the value of our life’s work.  And that is why it’s essential that we continue to grow in self-nurturing so that as we are caring for others, we are also caring for ourselves.

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